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ArKaos Visualizer for Mac

Visualisation Plug-in for mp3 player Winamp and Soundjam
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Mac OS
Release date
7 June 2000

Publisher's description

Visualizer plug-in for Winamp and SoundJam. This interactive mp3 visualizer plug-in is the basic distribution tool of the ArKaos products. The ArKaos engine is a real-time video sampler and is used to create real-time graphics in live concerts. Thanks to this visualizer you can now use this technology on you mac or pc ! The ArKaos engine has 60 real-time effects that can be used to create cool images synchronized to the music. The ArKaos visualizer lets you use visual files created with the ArKaos real-time video sampler. Those visual files are *.kos files and are complex visual databases that combine static visuals, video loops, flash animations, real-time effects and eventually sequencer informations. If you just do nothing after selecting the ArKaos window the ArKaos engine will just listen to the beat and launch the real-time effets encoded in the visual file. For each new song it will open a new visual database, so if you have a lot of them it will create an infinite stream of video animat

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